Sustainable biochemicals and biofuels from formate

Acetogens such as A. woodii and T. kivui naturally and efficiently convert CO2 and related 1-carbon compounds such as formate into acetic acid. This ability could be harnessed to produce valuable compounds with a negative carbon footprint. This long-term project (6 years, FORBIX) aims to establish acetogens as bioproduction platform for upgrading of formate, a compound that can be efficiently and sustainably generated from CO2 and renewable energy via chemical catalysis, into value-added products.

About the positions

PhD position “Metabolic engineering”
• Engineer an acetogen to produce target metabolites from formate
• Use –omics analyses to get insights into host metabolism

PhD position “Bioprocess engineering”
• Use continuous cultivation techniques to analyze physiology and production capacity of engineered strains
• Use metabolic models to analyze metabolic networks Participate in conferences, write scientific articles, supervise students

Who we are looking for

• MSc in Biotechnology, Biochemistry or comparable
• Experience in microbial fermentations and/or genetic engineering
• Affinity for computational analysis of biological systems
• Knowledge of physiology and metabolism of prokaryotic organisms
• High degree of independence, commitment and reliability
• Excellent communication skills and ability to cooperate and work in a team
• Willingness to assist with teaching

Time-frame & Salary

Send your application in one pdf (English or German) including a motivation letter, your CV and your MSc diploma/transcripts and a preference for one position to

We are looking forward to your application!