Motivation and Goals of this Position

Circular Economy solutions, such as production of high value products from renewable resources, live from optimized operating conditions and robust process understanding. Therefore, the bioprocess must be thoroughly characterized including:

  • Use of alternative substrates
  • Strategies for intensified processing (fedbatch, conti, retentostat, induction conditions)
  • Quantitative analysis of extracellular and intracellular product fractions
  • MVDA/chemometrics for key parameters influencing productivity and stability of process
  • Interface to process modelling, model-based design and MPC: use synergies

This PhD position runs within a H2020 BBI project and focusses on the quantitative characterization of a C. glutamicum bioprocess producing antimicrobial peptides and recombinant proteins. The goal is to describe this process quantitatively using highly sophisticated bioreactor environments and feed the interface of process modelling, which is covered within the project team.


  • Master of Science in Bioprocess Technology, Biotechnology, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering or similar.
  • Experience in analytical methods and background in bioprocess technology
  • Experience in operating bioreactor environments in laboratory scale
  • Curiosity and patience to transfer established bioprocessing methods to the emerging field of Circular Economy
  • Sensitivity for data analysis and statistical assessment of large data sets
  • A superior command of English
  • You should be accustomed to networked critical analytical thinking, scientifically interested and able to work in a team respecting tight project timelines.


This work will be done at TU WIEN, Research Area of Biochemical Engineering. We offer a highly interesting, diversified position comprising bioprocess technology projected on circular economy bioprocesses in tight cooperation applied basic science projects with industrial partners.

The monthly minimum wage is currently € 2.148, 00 (14x per year), before tax, at a 30h/week employment.
The TU Wien aims to increase the proportion of women and encourages qualified women to apply.

We are looking forward to your application!