Motivation and Goals of this Position

Cell and Gene Therapy (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATPMs)) is the most emerging field in biopharmaceuticals and is perceived to be key enabler for personalized medicine. However, currently, little is known about the optimal cell expansion process settings, although the cells, to be expanded, differ between each individual, you and me.

We strongly believe that we can use our well established and reputed tools for bioprocess characterization to properly characterize the NK cell expansion process in terms of kinetics and physiological fingerprint. This PhD therefore is a translational opportunity to use our tools of experimental design, monitoring, PAT and digital twins on NK cell ATMP processes and therefore establish platform knowledge for individual cell lines.


Master in Bioprocess Technology, Biotechnology, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering
or similar.

You should have:

  • Experience in analytical methods and bioprocess technology of cell cultures
  • Curiosity and patience to transfer established methods to the emerging field of Cell and Gene Therapy
  • Sensitivity for data analysis and statistical assessment of large data sets including background in mechanistic and hybrid modelling (Python, MATLAB®)

A superior command of English is required. Furthermore, you should be accustomed to networked and critical analytical thinking, scientifically interested and able to work in a team, respecting tight project timelines.

The monthly minimum wage is currently € 2’237,- (14x per year), before tax at a 30h/week employment. Applicants have no claim for reimbursement of travel costs arising from the recording process. The university aims to increase the proportion of women especially in scientific personnel and encourages qualified women to apply.

This PhD position starts on November 1st, 2021 and is scheduled for 3 years.


We offer a highly interesting, diversified position comprising bioprocess technology and modelling tools projected on Cell and Gene Therapy (ATMP) bioprocesses in tight cooperation with applied basic-science projects from industrial partners.

We are looking forward to your application!