Sustainable biochemicals and biofuels directly from CO2

Acetogens such as A. woodii and T. kivui naturally and efficiently convert CO2 and related 1- carbon compounds into acetic acid. This ability could be harnessed to produce sustainable biofuels and biochemicals with a low carbon footprint. Other products than acetic acid can be obtained by rational metabolic engineering.

To make it happen, we are currently looking for a motivated candidate to join our team as a PhD student

About the position

  • Metabolic engineering of an acetogen to produce a target metabolite from gaseous feedstocks
  • Use continuous cultivation techniques to analyze physiology and production capacity of engineered strains
  • Use –omics analysis and metabolic modelling to gain systems level understanding of production strains
  • Participate in conferences, write papers, supervise students

Who we are looking for

  • MSc degree in Biotechnology, Biochemistry or comparable
  • Experience in microbial fermentations and/or genetic engineering
  • Knowledge of physiology and metabolism of prokaryotic organisms
  • Open-minded and eager to learn new methodology and techniques
  • High degree of independence, commitment and reliability
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to cooperate and work in a team
  • Willingness to assist with teaching

Time-frame & Salary

Send your application in one pdf (English or German) including a motivation letter, your CV and
your MSc diploma/transcripts to

We are looking forward to your application!