Motivations and Goals of this position

Cell cultivation for manufacturing of cell based therapy products requires adaption to physiological conditions and the provision of an adequate microenvironment to either maintain the stemness of stem cells or support their differentiation. In particular, oxidative stress affects MSC proliferation, senescence, differentiation, and their immunomodulatory capability.

Cell specific oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide production rates (qO2 and qCO2, respectively) provide important information on cell metabolism and physiology. Oxygen uptake data are an indicator of cell density and metabolic rates and can been used to design feeding strategies and to control bioreactor operation. Moreover, qO2 and/or qCO2 are required for robust metabolic flux analysis even in the simplest of mammalian cell bioreaction networks.

This Master thesis therefore is a translational opportunity to use our tools of monitoring and the cellular
expertise of the Institute of Cell and Tissue Culture Technologies, BOKU, providing knowledge on
mesenchymal stem cell culture to properly characterize cell specific respiration.


We offer a highly interesting, diversified position comprising bioprocess technology and modelling tools projected on Cell Therapy (ATMP) bioprocesses in tight cooperation with applied basic science projects of the Institute of Cell and Tissue Culture Technologies, BOKU.


  • Master Studies in Bioprocess Technology, Biotechnology, Tissue Engineering or similar.
  • Experience in analytical methods and background in cell culture technology
  • Curiosity and patience to transfer established methods to the emerging field of Cell Therapy
  • Sensitivity for data analysis and statistical assessment of large data sets (Python, MATLAB®)
  • A superior command of English is required
  • Furthermore, you should be accustomed to networked and critical analytical thinking, scientifically interested and able to work in a team respecting tight project timelines

We are looking forward to your application!