Background & Project Goal

Flow cytometry is a powerful tool in bioprocess technology that enables the measurement of cell size, fluorescent-labeled proteins production as well as several other cell specific characteristics using fluorescent dyes. It is an all-in-one measurement tool. However, this technique is only available as an offline or at-line technique that does not allow continuous measurement and feedback to the process.
Together with our industrial project partner, we aim to automatize flow cytometry, to develop this traditionally off-line measurement into an on-line available tool to support our novel bioprocess strategies, using microbial hosts. We want You to take part in this endeavor and develop, characterize and use this novel Process Analytical Technology (PAT) tool.


You will configure and use an automatized flow cytometry device as online PAT tool. To test it, you will perform fermentations in bioreactors using design of experiment (DoE) methodology with recombinant E.coli strains producing fluorescent-labeled proteins.
Thereby, you can get to know a fully-equipped bioreactor setup. In addition, you will learn how to plan, perform and analyze bioreactor processes at lab-scale using model-based experimental design as well as performing flow cytometry measurements, analyzing and understanding the generated analytical and process data.


You are studying biotechnology, biochemistry, process engineering or a similar subject. Previous experience with microbial laboratory work is favorable.
Most important is your motivation to learn something new!

Time-frame and salary

This work ideally starts in Q2 2022. Starting date can be discussed on demand. It is scheduled for 6 months and compensated with 300 € per month.

We looking forward to your application!