Research goals

  • Shape the bioprocess technologists of tomorrow
  • Provide generic methods for efficient and scientifically based bioprocess technologies
  • Join forces from different disciplines, such as biologists, biotechnologists, bio- process & control- engineers, and data scientists
  • Use digitalization and data science to generate, deploy and manage knowledge

Circular economy, integrated continous biomanufacturing, advanced therapies… –
Bioprocesses are the key enabler for our sustainable future and for providing affordable drugs for the world.
We are the world-leading research group innovating bioprocess technology through interdisciplinary skills and platform methods

High quality and sustainable products require stable, robust and efficient processes performing at their optimum. To achieve such optimized conditions within a process, we focus on four interconnected research topics:

  • Measurements are the basis for understanding and process control. Therefore, the development, refinement and implementation of Process Analytical Technologies is a central topic within our group.
  • Based on measured data we aim to build process models and design feedback control actions. Simulation and control in process system engineering help us to efficiently plan verification experiments, to obtain reliable event prediction and to design effective controllers.
  • The Sustainable Bioprocess Solutions team is interested in replacing and substituting chemical production routes currently relying on crude oil as raw material. In particular, we are interested in recycling complex industrial streams such as high CO2 containing streams as valuable substrate for bioproduction of everyday needed fuel and bulk chemicals towards building a circular bioeconomy.
  • Integrated Bioprocess Development designs complete processes from the gene to the refined product. Our aim is to completely understand and reveal interactions between all unit operations starting from strain generation, heading to upstream and finalizing in the downstream.

Our members

Christoph Herwig
Christoph HerwigUniv.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
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Vanessa Karabetian
Vanessa Karabetian Administration
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Silvia Gluderer
Silvia GludererAdministration/CTA
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Stefan Pflügl
Stefan Pflügl PostDoc
Team lead Sustainable Bioprocess Solutions
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Julian Kager
Julian Kager PostDoc
Team lead Simulation & Control
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Kozma Bence
Kozma BencePostDoc
Animal Cell Culture, Process Analytical Technology
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Peter Sinner
Peter Sinner PostDoc
Simulation & Control
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Oscar Fabian Garcia Aponte
Oscar Fabian Garcia Aponte PhD-Student
Animal Cell Culture
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Thomas Mainka
Thomas Mainka Phd-Student
Halophiles cultivation processes
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Paul Ruschitzka
Paul Ruschitzka PhD-Student
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Charlotte Vees
Charlotte Vees PhD-Student
Continuous Bioprocessing of Spent Sulfite Liquor
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Regina Kutscha
Regina KutschaPhD-Student
Metabolic Engineering of E. coli for acetate utilization
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Ivo van den Hurk
Ivo van den HurkPhD-Student
Development of sustainable one carbon bioprocesses
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Daniel Waldschitz
Daniel WaldschitzPhD-Student
Bacteriocin production with C. glutamicum
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Fabian Müller
Fabian MüllerPhD-Student
Soft-sensing of cell death and product formation
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Angelina Tzanavari
Angelina TzanavariPhD-Student
Circular economy solutions using halophilic bioprocessing
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Bianca Mikulasek
Bianca MikulasekPhD-Student
Transfer learning for PAT and process models
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Josef Alexander Horvath
Josef Alexander HorvathPhD-Student
Development of microbial gas fermentation processes
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Niklas Pauk
Niklas PaukPhD-Student
Re-folding and modelling of re-folding kinetics
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Chika Igwe
Chika IgwePhD-Student
Re-folding analytics & intensification
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Thomas Hartmann
Thomas HartmannProject Assistant
Refolding of several model enzymes
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Matthias Petsch
Matthias PetschCTA
Digitalization and Automation
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Tamas Robert Csakvari
Tamas Robert CsakvariStudent Staff in Research
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